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I am an interface designer with a major focus on user experience. That means I help build elegant, usable, interpreted web and app designs, and examine how they can be better presented and utilized. I act as Design Director for Custom Fit Online, a data-informed web consulting group, and as an independant designer, participating in external evaluated ventures. I am on a personal mission to be more vociferous, thus occasionally writing articles while working on Surviving Art & Terror, a book on the intersection of design and culture.

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Jan 03Using Unicode Characters In CSS — I absolutely love CSS: it is a language that is easy to understand, is very simplistic, yet offers such a wealth of possibility and flexibility as to what can be achieved with it. As I have been developing more and more as time progresses…

Sep 19Thoughts on iOS 7 — There isn’t really much to be said that hasn’t already been so. A review from some scrub kid isn’t really going to add a lot of value to the conversation. However, there are a couple points I think are important to state, emphasize or reiterate…

Aug 30Death By Committee — Design by committee, or in other words the reviewing of design by a group, is a process detrimental to the final outcome of a product. This is true for all client products, not just web and digital ones. Yet design by committee continues…

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Design is communication in its purest form; successful design is successful communication. Good design needs to be precisely on point, unwaveringly effective, and contain purposeful meaning. But we all already knew this. Yet we’ve managed to deviate from this practice, letting poor imagery selection and “I want this because I just do” mentalities replace ease of use, functionality, and accessibility.

If we are to create successful design for the modern user, we must refocus our attention on the users themselves; form follows function, or in a more accurate modern regard, outline follows desire. We need to concentrate on making our online experiences — formed via design patterns and interfaces — congenial, understandable, recognizable. Simple yet considered.

We live in a device-agnostic world; we cannot control how our products will be accessed, viewed, and interacted with. This quite simply means we must design and craft to accommodate versatility and fluidity.

I take a firm stand when it comes to making business decisions. You should read my ethical statement to see if we can be a right fit together.


Hear me I offer reactions, not answers. An answer implies there is but one constant result, which simply cannot provide a successful design outcome. There is no “perfect,” just “better.” I offer reactions; reactions with insight into how users your specific audience can make better use of your digital products and services.

Trust me Success requires faith. You have hired — or are looking to hire — an individual or organization to help create or improve your product. You are spending money, sometimes a lot, on evaluation, strategy, time, and resources that you cannot provide yourself. Trust the given expertise, and thoroughly take the recommendations into consideration. The initial desire does not often match the necessary conclusion, the one that helps.

Pay me Good design is not guessing, nor can it be done in twenty-two minutes. It involves considered approach and examined refinement to achieve success. Your product’s future requires investment; the design I do, and the work involved in it, provides tremendous insight. Your product will be better, and that in itself is a matter containing immense value and worth.

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I live in a hobbit-sized house with my girlfriend and two cats, sport two large ampersand tattoos on my forearms, and I enjoy tea over coffee. Jurassic Park is my favourite film (as well as novel), but Empire Strikes Back is by far the one I’ve seen most often. I am an avid fan of the Vikings and Alouettes, fluently bilingual in English and French, and have a notable fascination for astronomy, typography, palæontology, film, and music. My work days are generally spent in a small yet comfortable office surrounded by devices and monitors, books and periodicals, artwork and toys, while the majority of my time is allotted to writing emails, making to-do lists, sketching, and listening to a very eclectic library of music.


Once upon a time I studied social psychology at the University of Victoria and design at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Although I have a formal education (whatever that means), I wholly believe the classroom environment can only provide a certain portion of knowledge: school helped me expand my thinking attitude, but it does not define it. I’ve been working in the web industry for the better part of a decade, and since that time have been able to explore many subjects and areas of the design field. Although I am continuously learning — and forever will be — I am capable of providing expertise in various disciplines, notably…

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How is it that someone can do UX, UI, IA, and CS? How much will your services cost? What’s your favourite kind of drink? All good questions, and I answer them here.

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The easiest way to reach me is by saying hello via Twitter @bengroulx or email You might wish to follow me personally on Google+, connect with me professionally on LinkedIn, read alongside me on Readmill, and see my photos on Instagram as well.

I live and work out of Vancouver, BC, but often travel up the Sea-to-Sky Corridor to Pemberton. If you are in the area, I would be delighted to meet in person and discuss future projects, consulting, design-related opportunities, or simply life in general. My favourite place to meet is the Vancouver Art Gallery Café; we should get together. Expect a reply within 1–3 days

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