Ben Groulx is an interface designer, art director, film editor, front-end developer, board game player, and craft beer enthusiast in Vancouver, Canada.

Hey there!

Me, briefly: I’m focused on the intersection of interaction and graphic design, while working on design systems, front-end architecture, and feedback processes. I’m currently doing so with the fine folks at Mobify and House House.

Here are two things I’m really excited about:

  1. Blending, or: The current state (and the future) of the web, and how the boundaries between traditional design and development are increasingly getting blurred.
  2. Humanity, or: The shift in value businesses are placing on user expectations, and how groups are (now) focusing on delivering excellent experiences for humans everywhere, stemming from the intimate connections we have to our devices.

I also shoot and post photos to VSCO, assemble playlists on Spotify, make art on Instagram, write articles on Medium, and push code to GitHub. You get can in touch with me via email, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

👋 ✌️ 🤙